Jimmie Riddle and Jackie Phelps Eephing and Hamboning on Hee Haw 1969

by: kc7fys

This is a short clip from Episode one of Hee-Haw First Aired in 1969 and Features Jimmy Riddle & Jackie Phelps hamboning and effing. Eefing (also written eeephing, eephing, eeefing, eefin[1], or eefn' and doubtless other ways) is an Appalachian (United States) vocal technique similar to beatboxing, but nearly a century older. Jennifer Sharpe describes it as "a kind of hiccupping, rhythmic wheeze that started in rural Tennessee more than 100 years ago. An eefing piece called "Swamp Root" was one of the first singles recorded and released by Sam Phillips. Singer Joe Perkins had a minor 1963 hit "Little Eeefin' Annie", (76 on the Billboard chart, featuring eefer Jimmie Riddle, whom Sharpe calls "the acknowledged master of the genre." Riddle later brought eefing to national visibility on the television series Hee Haw. If you want to see something mighty weird. I slowed it down to see what the guy's doing. This is terrifying. Deeply disturbing, but I wish I could do it.
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