Invader Zim S1E6a Career Day

by: InvaderZimEps [38 videos »]

Zim gets a rash on his neck, making Dib suspicious, although Zim doesn't seem to know what's wrong. He discovers that the only career he is sutible for is fast food preparation. He doesn't mind, misunderstanding the "Over 8 Billion Served" sign. Dib, paired with his paranormal investigator, finds out about the Galactic Equinox, which causes all aliens off their home world to go through a hideous molt, and correctly identifies that as what's causing Zim's rash. Zim also find out about, correctly identifies that as what's happening to his body, and promptly panics because he incorrectly thinks he can't leave his post if he is to rule mankind. Invader Zim belongs to Nickolodeon and Jhonen Vasquez. I hate this episode, it's so utterly disgusting. But it will always be special since this was the first episode I ever saw when I was 7. My give-it-a-try-maybe-this-show-isn't-as-weird-as-it-looks episode. However my tiny 7-year-old brain assumed all episodes were this gross, and I didn't watch it again until after the show was canceled and my boyfriend asked "Wanna watch Zim?" 8 years later.
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