Night Journey Originally published as part of a monograph, "Films on Ballet and Modern Dance: Notes and a Directory," published by American Dance Guild, New York, NY, September 1974 Conceived and choreographed by Martha Graham (b.1894) Music by William Schuman Settings by Isamu Noguchi Produced by Nathan Kroll Directed by Alexander Hammid Presented by Bethsabee De Rothschild Director of Photography: Stanley Meredith Editor: Miriam Arsham Assistant to Producer: LeRoy Leatherman Orchestra Conductor: Robert Irving Recordist: Clair D. Krepps Lighting: David Golden Chorus Headdress and Mask: Umana First performance: May 3, 1947, Boston (later revised) Film Cast Queen Jocasta: Martha Graham King Oedipus: Bertram Ross Tiresias: Paul Taylor Leader of the Chorus: Helen McGehee Chorus: Ethel Winter Mary Hinkson Linda Hodes Akiko Kanda Carol Payne Bette Shaler Original Cast Queen Jocasta: Martha Graham King Oedipus: Erick Hawkins Tiresias: Mark Ryder Chorus: Pearl Lang Ethel Winter Yuriko Natanya Neumann Joan Skinner Helen McGehee Choreography and music were originally commissioned by the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation
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