Secrets of Egypt - S01E04

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a new historical documentary series probing the secrets of Ancient Egypt. In the first episode, scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of a 3,000-yearold ‘screaming’ mummy. The man was recovered from a tomb devoid of the usual trappings of Egyptian burial, with his features locked in a screaming expression. Who was this man and what does his fate reveal about the ancient Egyptian attitude to the afterlife? 4/8 - Cleopatra The historical documentary series continues. This episode explores the extraordinary life of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt. Depicted throughout history as a temptress who ruined two generals of Rome, scholars now believe that Cleopatra possessed great political ability and knowledge. Despite a lack of physical evidence of her reign, they are able to piece together the story of her rule during the dying days of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra has been popularly remembered as the great beauty whose affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony precipitated the conquest of Egypt by the Romans. But historians now believe that she was the victim of Roman ‘spin’ intended to blacken her name. “They turned her into a salacious harlot – this bubble-headed sex kitten who’s jumping in and out of bed with any available Roman,” says Dr Robert Steven Bianchi.
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