Secrets of Egypt - S01E08

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a new historical documentary series probing the secrets of Ancient Egypt. In the first episode, scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of a 3,000-yearold ‘screaming’ mummy. The man was recovered from a tomb devoid of the usual trappings of Egyptian burial, with his features locked in a screaming expression. Who was this man and what does his fate reveal about the ancient Egyptian attitude to the afterlife? 8/8 - Alexander's Tomb The historical documentary series concludes. This instalment looks at the ongoing hunt for the tomb of Alexander the Great – conqueror and self- proclaimed pharaoh of Egypt. Gathering together old sources and new evidence, the search moves from the necropolis of ancient Egypt to the city that the king founded, Alexandria. For centuries archaeologists have scoured Egypt for the missing tomb of Alexander the Great. The story begins in 332 BC, when the Macedonian general arrived in Egypt and expelled the occupying Persians. He was hailed as a liberator by the Egyptians and promptly set about claiming the throne for himself.
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