Social Bookmarking Demon - An intro to tagging & folksonomy

by: thehopeisnoble [1 videos »]

Social Bookmarking Demon - A short presentation from the guys at A highly useful and very popular search system has developed with the advent of the recent Web 2.0 technologies. This is of course the phenomena known as social bookmarking. When the end user is locating resources that are relevant and useful to them, they are bookmarking it which usually means that the information is valuable. Social bookmarking works on the principle that if an information resource has been bookmarked, it then has some use, and then it's value could be shared. It works on a similar principle to the normal bookmarking systems built into most browsers. Once a user brings up a website or page that they find valuable, they then bookmark it. That bookmark however is made on a social bookmarking site, rather than on the user's PC. These sites hold vast collections of bookmarks that are shared and distributed around the world. The bookmark is tagged, which is where some words are entered that ...
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