Bayonetta JP - Ch01 ~ Verse 03 Challenge

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Video recorded by Master LL ( ) [Bayonetta JP ] Chapter 1 ~ Verse 3 Challenge ** WILL CONTAIN FULL SPOILERS!! ** Before you go up the elevator in Chapter 1 (after Verse 2), go back to the location where you find the key (before Verse 1). From there, you can enter a portal to do this challenge. Took me one or two attempts to figure out how to easily pull it off. Trying to beat them just using Witch Time won't work since you deal too little damage (especially in a new game). What you must do is quickly build up your magic to use your Torture Attack to kill an Angel. That way you can steal their weapon and use it against them for easy win. OR... you can just play on and replay this chapter later when you are overpowered. Also the green circles are the amounts of hits you can take before you fail the challenge. So five hits and you'll fail! AMAZING GAME! For those who can't import it, buy it when it comes out here in January! PS - Hope this video won't be taken down, if so.. darn. PPS - I decided to only record Events, Bosses and "Special" type videos. I don't feel like encoding a 10 minute exploring the dungeon with no action... too much trouble and boring. ------------------ System: PS3-JP Rank: Normal
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