History Of Deception - Volume One - (Humanity under siege series)

by: TruthSeekerTV [23 videos »]

This documentary series is about raising awareness to the general public about why humanity today could not live in a world that is free of wars, revolutions, coups, assassinations, atrocities, diseases, natural disasters, crimes, recessions as well as decline in morality around the globe. Despite many believe that we have the highest advancement in science & technology in history, yet human suffering did not cease or reduce. In fact, some may argue humanity today even suffer much more than ever before. During this series the documentary will address how all these sufferings were not happend by chance or coincedence. Rather it is part of a century-old plan from a group of rich, demonic & powerful individuals who secretly call themselves, the Illuminati, the order or the enlightened ones. Their lust or ultimate agenda is about global domination and total control to enslave the masses so that they can serve their Lucifer. Unlike past empires, kings or dictators would use absolute force to control the masses, they are now much more sophisticated with the use of modern technologies and smarter in the art of deception and manipulation. This does not mean they won't use absolute force. They will use it when the time is right and when most of their plans were in place. Meanwhile they depend on all kind of mass control methods such as mind control, press control, media control, information control, disinformation, economic enslavement, infiltration, eduacation, vaccination, medication, dramatisation in order to brainwash, indoctrinate and keep us in check. It is the truth that many can hardly comprehend and imagine. It is the truth that some may even refuse to believe & accept when confronting with overwhelming evidence. Nonetheless, there are some who will have the courage to reason and listen as well as possess wisdom to carry out their own research before they will truly believe it. I sincerely hope you are the latter because this fight of humanity can't be won without a mass awakening.
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