The Man of Sin Unveiled Part 6/9

by: firecharger

This series shows a VERY interesting candidate for Antichrist. The man, Jordanian Prince El Hassan bin Talal has dedicated his life to interfaith peace making between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Whenever there's a Peace Conference regarding Israel, you can bet this man is involved. Take the time to investigate this for yourself. You'll be astounded by this man's Peace Making credentials. Dr. Joe VanKoevering is going to blow you out of the water with this series. This is from the 22nd Annual International Prophecy Conference originally aired in April of 2009. As far as I can tell, it was recorded in 2005. "Unveiling the Man of Sin" He reveals the ONLY Muslim man that meets ALL Antichrist criteria according to Biblical scripture. This is not shoddy speculation, but deep study and precise interpretation of scripture to reveal a man that's hiding in plain sight! You'll be shocked at how this man meets every single word of prophecy!
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