"JFH: Justice-For-Hire - The Web Series" - EPISODE 4 - JFH BRAWL - Ultra-Realistic Mixed Martial Arts HD

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"JFH BRAWL delivers raw excitement...top-flight martial arts action" - Black Belt Magazine "BRAWL" - Justice-For-Hire, Inc. recon agent Louisa Mendez has been kidnapped by rival retribution team, The Bloody Knucklers, in an effort to lure her partners, martial arts mega-duo Ebony & Ivory, into a fight. But to Ebony & Ivory's surprise, a man they have never met before arrives first to fight for Louisa's freedom - Esaya. Martial arts styles including Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Tai Chi Chuan and more collide in this special PREQUEL episode based on the critically acclaimed comic book/DVD series. Directed by Jan Lucanus. Action Choreography by Ian Morgan. Original Music by Sage Michael. Starring Mercer Boffey, Jan Lucanus, Ian Morgan, Assaf Tamir, Irving Yee, Hinton "Rami" Wells, Vanessa Rubio. FREE "JFH" COMIC BOOK PREVIEW, go to: http://www.comixology.com/digital/125/JFH-Justice-For-Hire-Preview-#1 Official Website: http://www.JUSTICE-FOR-HIRE.com JFH: JUSTICE-FOR-HIRE ®, JFH BRAWL ™, all characters, names, logos, images, and story elements are copyright © 2003-2010 Creative Impulse Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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"JFH: Justice-For-Hire - The Web Series" - EPISODE 1 - Ultra-Realistic Mixed Martial Arts HD
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