Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam

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George Newbern returns to voice Superman in "Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam," and is joined by Jerry O'Connell (Sliders), who perfectly captures the awe of Captain Marvel discovering his powers for the first time. Billy Batson (Zach Callison) is granted his abilities by the wizard Shazam (James Garner) after his innate goodness is noted by a street bum, Tony (Kevin Michael Richardson) -- who's actually a magical talking tiger, Tawky Tawny. Billy gets his powers none too soon, either, as Fawcett City is under attack by a newly returned Black Adam (Arnold Vosloo) following a 5000 year exile. Black Adam is looking for Billy, to destroy him before the wizard can endow his power to him. This film features some of the cleanest, most detailed animation to date from the DC Comics studios, featuring a version of Superman that comes closer to his comic book image than even the Ruby-Spears series. In fact, the whole thing just looks great, visually, with some powerhouse fight scenes that will please any superhero comics fan. This has all the feel of a full-length feature, packed down into an economy-sized adventure.
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