***Uploaded for promotional purposes.*** An inventor of top secret devices for the government quits his job and disappears for several years. When he returns he dedicates his talents to inventing toys and games for children, as well as solving problems / rescuing those in trouble / and righting wrongs My description really does not do this wonderful series justice. Twentieth Century Fox is currently "toying" (ha ha) with the notion of releasing this series on DVD - HOWEVER, from past releases of older shows they have shown to only care insofar as the money they can make from the fans. I urge you, Do not buy it if Fox should be the one who releases it! You will do yourself and the series a great dis-service! Instead, help put pressure upon them to license it to some other company (like Shout Factory - who actually CARE about quality). Should Fox be the one to release it, I will gladly break the rules and ofer the entire series for free - CLA's first, foremost, and ONLY allegience is to the fans, and we will not sit idly by while you are cheated by a company notorious for poor quality releases of older shows just for the sake of turning a quick maximum profit. David Rapaport, Fran Ryan, Douglas Barr, Roy Dotrice, Peter Kent
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The Starlost 01 - Voyage of Discovery
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