Love Keeps Going (Eng Sub) Ep 01

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English Hardsubbed by the Serendipity team. Zha Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) is illustrious, humble and hardworking. She's well behaved, obedient, caring and kind. Her impressive collection of certificates (including everything from IT expertise to a baking license) is testament to her tireless zest. Yet her faultless exterior hides a bittersweet past. An accidental incident of eavesdropping led her to discover that neither parents, while going through their divorce, wanted custody of her based purely on the fact that she was dumb. As a result she has since worked hard to develop skills, gaining love and approval in the process. Even her boyfriend, Han Yi Feng (Eli Shih) falls in love with her as a result of her mass abilities and generous nature. His mother and sister both are impressed by and greatly admire her from the start of their relationship. Mei Le even helps achieve what she thinks is Yi Feng's dream of opening and running a bakery. There is a slight marring of this idyllic plot with the introduction of Yi Feng's brother, the spoilt, rich and famous Han Yi Lei (Mike He). Mei Le makes a terrible first impression on him but she is determined to change that. All seems well with the couple engaged to be married. However in a cruel twist of fate Yi Feng shows his true colours and is not at all Mei Le thought him to be. When she finds out that their relationship isn't as pure as she thought she is set with the difficult task of rediscovering herself (with some help!) and in the process, learns to trust and fall in love again.
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Love Keeps Going (Eng Sub) Ep 02
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