Voyagers episode 2 Created Equal

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The Voyagers land in 73 B.C. Italy, where they meet Spartacus, who, instead of leading the slave revolt in Capra, is being sent to Rome to die in the arena. Bogg and Jeff are bought as gladiators and follow Spartacus to Rome, where their escape attempt fails and they use the Omni to travel to Hannibal, Missouri. They encounter Harriet Tubman who should be working on the Underground Railroad, but instead is a slave. Bogg wins her freedom in a poker game while Jeff and a young Sam Clemens try to free her. Back in Rome, Bogg and Spartacus must fight to the death, but Jeffrey saves them with Cicero's chariot. Guest cast: Spartacus: Dan Pastorini; Harriet Tubman: Fay Hauser; Cicero: Jay Robinson. Director: Virgil W. Vogel.
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