Case Study: Amphetamines

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Ephemeral films are non-fiction films usually made for educational, industrial, or promotional purposes. Ephemeral film, as defined by film archivist Rick Prelinger, is film made for a specific purpose other than as a work of art: the films were designed to serve a specific pragmatic purpose.

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Amphetamines: Case Study (1969) is another anti-drug short film about amphetamines that's about some young guy who becomes strung out on diet pills. He picked up a bottle of amphetamines to try and lose weight. Pretty soon he was abusing the pills and popping them like candy. Whilst under the influence of "amps", he thought he could do a lot of things like fix radios and other appliances. He was taking stuff apart even though he knew nothing about repairing radios. We he comes down, he realizes that he broke all of his things. -- Please Leave Comments --
Documentary, Comedy
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