All Ages Comics! Power Pack Day One, Wolverine FC and More!

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We're checking out all-ages titles in this episode. Starting with Power Pack Day One #1, which is a retelling of the Power Pack's origin, Marvel's premiere team of super kids. We really enjoyed this book and not just because there's ponies in it! Then we take a look at The Goblin Chronicles #1. We're split on this one. It's being billed as Shrek meets the Lord of the Rings. The art is great, but there are some issues here. We picked up Wolverine First Class #1, another all-ages title this week. Pete didn't like the berzerker rage that Wolverine goes into. And Alex, the Kitty Pryde fan of the group, has a lot to be happy about here. We really enjoyed this title and hope you pick it up, too. Then, we discuss: Are all-ages comics necessary? Comics are supposed to be for everyone, so why are there all-ages comics? As a kid, wouldn't you rather read a title that's more adult? We'll talk about all these issues in this edition of The Stack!
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