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DILEMMA: that modern society’s family unit has lost it’s way, forgot it’s original purpose, succumbed to negative influences, faltered, stumbled, and with feet dragging, ignores the most basic human communication skills, lost passion, hence has lost direction. SOLUTION: MOTTY’S KITCHEN to the rescue to rekindle lost flames of physical, emotional and spiritual love, human contact, communication between a man and woman, father and son, mother and daughter, sister and brother in hopes of bringing people; from all walks of life, religions, creeds, faiths, denominations, sizes, shapes, nationalities, colors, sexes, ages. We begin to mend what’s broke in today’s society, in order to heal, complete, bring back, re-sew, replant and re-manufacture the very thread of family existence that has been denied and overlooked in many ways, for so long.

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A very special place where people from all walks of life gather to break bread together in the Old World sense. A healing place where one can trust their new found family of man members to listen and feel but with an open mind. A real place where people can bond without fear and worries. Where one can transcend their troubles and woes and cares and let their hair down for a spell with others with similar needs and feelings. A reality show without the shock jocks, panic mongers, and naysayers. Just plain old-fashioned goodness in a brand-new way, shape and form. Come join us and be a part of Mottys Kitchen now and forever. Be our guest on an upcoming show. Email Motty at We'll see you there!
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