Go!Go!G-Boys [1/6]

by: Raikiri182 [9 videos »]


A hilarious gay contest, a mysterious terror crisis, three loving people trapped by confusing feelings. The film plays with all these multiple layers giving an emotional yet comic dimension to the story. A-Shin and A-Hong are close buddies since childhood. In an attempt to pay off a heavy debt A-Hong pretends to be gay to compete in a Gay beauty contest. The involvement of Jay, an anti gay cop, assigned to investigate a threat letter claim to ruin the contest and the growing passion between A-Shin and A-Hong form the crux of this comic caper.

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The parts I've posted here from the movie got deleted from my youtube account so I decided to post it here.
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Go!Go!Go-Boys [6/6]
10 yrs ago   09:37
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