Episode 22 - iSkin EVO3 Video iPod Case Review

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Video based reviews of iPod accessories.

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Episode 22 we review the 5G Video iPod Case from iSkin in this video segment. The iSkin EVO3 iPod Video case is available in six colors (Blush Pink, Arctic Clear, Sonic Blue, Eclipse Black, Blaze Red and Atomic Green). A clear hard plastic screen protector called the VISOR protects the front of the iPod. The Visor floats just above the iPod's front in between two layers of the silicone case. The EVO3 also features the Revo2 belt clip which has been redesigned to be stronger than previous versions. The belt clip is rotable and will lock into several different spots. The revo2 clip can be removed from the case that allows a flat back for users that do not need a belt clip. The click wheel is covered by a thin layer of silicone that protects the wheel from scratches, moisture and dust. The wheel is still fully usable with the covering. The hold switch is also covered by silicone, but is designed to allow the switch to still function. iSkin has also included their docking port connection cover on the EVO3 cas...
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