Episode 73 - Podsplus Aluminum V2 iPod video case review

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Video based reviews of iPod accessories.

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Episode 73 we review the AluminumV2 iPod video case from PodsPlus in this video episode. The case is made from aluminum not unlike several other cases on the market, this case is seperated by one additional featrue. The clickwheel is protected by a silicone cover that is built into the case, this allows for additional protection without loose usability. Available color choices are black metal with 4 color choices on the wheel cover or a silver case with black wheel cover. A built in durable clear screen protector is there to keep you from damaging the iPod's display. Overall the case is very tought and with added protection I would place this one infront of the other metal cases on the market. Other accessories included are the removable belt clip and lanyard cable.
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