Medieval Lives E01 - The Peasant

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A team of archaeologists, usually led by either Mick Aston or Francis Pryor (the latter usually heads Bronze Age and Iron Age digs), and including field archaeologist Phil Harding, congregate at a site, usually in the United Kingdom. The site is frequently suggested by a member of the viewing public who knows of an unsolved archaeological mystery, or who owns property that is unexcavated and potentially interesting. Time Team uncover as much as they can about the archaeology and history of the site in three days, often in conjunction with the local archaeological unit.

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Monty Python veteran Terry Jones hosts Terry Jones' Medieval Lives, a series that delves into the lives of different medieval occupations, including kings, knights, and minstrels. The show includes a mix of humor, guests, and the characteristic animation that even the casual observer of Jones' Monty Python years will be able to recognize. This episode covers the lives of Peasants.
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Medieval Lives E05 - knights
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