Transformations 2

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True Life Stories

True life stories - past and/or present to further enrich our lives; plus to help us better appreciate life itself.

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Visit the Eastern Arctic, The Hebrides in Scotland plus Ugranda ... to see that true spiritual revival is like a seething lava flow. It takes time to reach its destination. But when it does, its intense heat and formidable power alters everything in its path. It is the full measure of God’s kingdom come to earth. No spectacle is more glorious — terrifying. This video takes you on a remarkable journey to the very edge of this transforming river. Bask in its supernatural heat. Witness its restorative power at work in societies deemed beyond repair. Learn how to welcome this spreading glory into our homeland and our life!
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Transformers 3
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AIDS,sexual abuse,alcohol abuse,drug abuse,true story

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