Miley Cyrus Blow Job, Leighton Meester Sex Tape!

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Is there a Leighton Meester sex tape? What? Say it isnt so! The alleged sex tape video is a few years old and reveals a nude Miss Meester having sex with her then boyfriend, including, reportedly, scenes that involve her very talented feet. Read more and see photos and video here!! She is a naughty girl! EDena Hines is Morgan Freemans step-granddaughter and The National Enquirer is reporting that the two have been having an affair. If the allegations are true, EDena Hines and Morgan Freeman would have began their relationship when EDena was just 17. Jon and Kate are officially heading towards divorce, as TLC aired their special announcement segment tonight in which they announced they were separated. Then today, Kate legally filed for divorce. Robert Pattinson was hit by a cab. After being chased by a mob of teens, Pattinson tried to escape by running away from the fans. A mob of fans who spotted Pattinson leaving the Strand bookstore. Pattinson then attempted to rush across the road to safety when he was hit by a cab. Miley Cyrus scandal, there are pictures that we believe to be fake floating around the internet of Miley Cyrus performing oral sex on a man. Representatives of the Hannah Montanah star, Miley Cyrus, have said the supposed blow job photo is completely fabricated. See pics and video here!!! Carrie Prejean will work with the National Organization for Marriage, which according to her will help protect traditional marriage."
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