Kamen Rider Fourze Shimon Ninsho Brace DX Meteor Galaxy Review

by: Jedimon2005
This is my review for the Kamen Rider Fourze DX Meteor Galaxy. It's the nifty weapon Kamen Rider Meteor wears on his arm and gives him cool abilities. There are 3 switches on it, one for Mars, one for Jupiter, and one for Saturn. When each of them is pushed up, the Meteor Galaxy says "[Planet name] Ready?", and then when the fingerprint reader is pushed it says "OK [Planet name]." It then lights up and makes noises related to that ability. Pushing the red button will reset the switch so another can be used. Pushing multiple switches at once makes it say "Error." Inserting a circle switch in the slot on the side makes it say "Limit Break," and then pushing the fingerprint reader makes it say "OK" and play Limit Break sounds. This is a fairly neat device, though it does have limited playability. I can recommend it for Meteor fans or if it's discounted, as it doesn't come with a switch. Be sure to check out the podcast Riders, Rangers, and Rambles at http://ridersrangersandrambles.com Thanks for watching, and as always be sure to thumbs up, comment, and subscribe.
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2012/02/17 07:51:10   06:32
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