How & Where to catch/get - *LEGIT* Darkrai in Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2

by: Pheonixmaster1
Skip to 2:02 to see Bad Dreams Apparently i was flooded with requests to this video.This Darkrai is a Special Attacker if used wisely it could sweep the whole opponent team Make sure to LIKE and COMMENT :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written Instructions for those who don't have an eye =P ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite} 1. Start your Pokemon Black/White game 2. Select "NINTENDO WFC SETTINGS" 3. Select "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings" 4. Select the connection that you're using 5. Scroll down, than put "Auto-obtain DNS" off, end edit the Primary DNS to : (just ignore the secondary DNS) 6. Save your settings and you're done! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Nintendo DSi / Nintendo DSi XL} 1.Go to "system Settings" 2.Go to page 3 in the Settings 3.Click on Internet 4.Click on Connection settings 4.Go to step set a or 5b 5a.Click on conection1,2,or 3(What every one your using) 5b.Click advance settings 6a.Click Change Settings 6b.Click on conection4,5,or 6(What every one your using) 7a.Go to the DNS and click no if on yes 7b.Click Change Settings 8a.Head to step 9 8b.Go to the DNS and click no if on yes 9.put in primary DNS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Nintendo 3DS} 1. Go to the "Home Menu". 2. Launch "System Settings". 3. Click on "Internet Settings". 4. Choose "Connection Settings". 5. Select the connection that you're using. 6. Click "Change Settings". 7. Click the arrow and then click "DNS". 8. Select "No" for "Auto-Obtain DNS". 9. Enter given into the Primary DNS (just ignore the "Secondary DNS"). 10. Save your settings and you're done! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Final Stuff} 1. Open up this link that is up in the description on this video in your Internet Browser of your DS/3DS 2. Leave web page (from link above) open after it completely Loads 3. Go to the top floor of the Pokemon Center (right side) and do Global Trade-GTS-Trade 4. Enter the GTS with 6 pokemon it your party or you will be f**ked up :P 5. Enter the GTS and you should receive the pokemon you wanted 6. Leave the GTS and get it out of the PC, you can close the web page now too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {PC Method} -If nothing is working for you- Make sure you have connected your DS/3DS to the same wireless connection to which your PC is connected to,keep the DS/3DS near you PC, 1) Go to the link in the description on your PC 2) Change DNS on your DS/3DS 3) Then go to your GTS in the game,you will receive it :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F.A.Q Q1) WTF!!! I just received a random Pokemon :( - Make sure you entered Correct URL in your Internet Browser Q2) It doesn't work? - Double check that you saved the DNS gettings Q3) I got that pokemon but it has all its Stats 0 ;_; - *Facepalm* Cuz you didn't enter GTS with 6 pokemon in your Party However,just deposit that 0 stat pokemon to your PC in the pokemon center,and then withdraw it and it will be fine :) Q4) I did everything,still i didn't get the pokemon. - GTS server might be busy,try after few hours and it should probably work. Q5) Are they legit? - They all are legit 100% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Suggestions?Or questions? Leave them in comments and i will reply them within 12 hours =]
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