Gakuen heaven epsiode 1 part 1

by: KrissKross00
If you dislike shonen ai (boyXboy) pls dont watch it ;) Summary: It all started when Keita Ito received a letter sealed with the initial BL Academy. The most sophisticated all boys, on campus, Academy in the country. Now that Keita Ito is accepted in the school with an average GBA, as well as average skills in sports and writing, he doesn't think that he belong in there. But with the help from the other students, will he be able to make it in BLA. if you want me to sent the episodes pf gakuen heaven to you write on my account side and now enjoy the first episode of GH =)
2008/09/10 20:33:46   07:49
English   Anime, Manga, Gakuenheaven, Shonenai, BL

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