Sprinters - Excerpt

by: sicknotesam
Follow me http://twitter.com/#!/sameblair Download link for FULL movie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jme771 **Currently screening on Virgin Atlantic inflight entertainment** http://www.virgin-atlantic.com:80/en/gb/whatsonboard/inflightentertainment/tv/vloves.jsp An excerpt from the Royal Television Society nominated 2008 short documentary, Sprinters: A visually striking and meditative study of a team of athletes, including British Olympic finalists Jeanette Kwakye and Sarah Claxton, filmed over the two months leading to the start of the 2007 outdoor season. Sprinters is an intimate and arresting portrayal of the frequently brutal world of top level athletics, revealing the mental and physical barriers confronted by the runners as they pursue their dreams, and a world in which agony, ecstasy, winning and losing are separated by a hundredth of a second. Directed by Sam Blair Cinematographer Jean-Louis Schuller Editor Maya Maffioli Composer Gareth Lockrane Sound Supervisor Steen Bondrop Dubbing Mixer Linda Brenon Sound Editors Dominic Fitzgerald, Ricardo Fonseca, Gunnar Oskarsson Sound Recordist Jon Boothroyde Online Editor/Colour Grader John Kelly Festivals: Sheffield Doc/Fest Munich International Festival of Film Schools Visions du Réel EntreVues Premiers Plans Dinard British Film Festival Monterrey International Film Festival "We are all familiar with sportscasts images: sprinters hunched over in their starting blocks, waiting for the starting pistol, long- distance athletes running round after round on the tartan track. They have become a com- mon sight for TV viewers. In Sprinters, Sam Blair wrests fascinating new images from this apparent normality. In the course of the two months preceding the seasons start, he accompanied a handful of British sprinters during their training once again highlight- ing the extraordinary. Blair has shot his film strictly from an observers perspective, without interviews or statements. In a rigorous image-sound com- position nurtured by an aesthetic camera and implacable editing, the filmmaker bends his theme into shape, delivering a breathtaking account of the brutality of everyday training, in which winning and losing, exploits and failures, are separated by a hundredth of a second." Visions Du Réel Catalogue ©NFTS 2008
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