The Animated Adventures of Judo Girl -- a Hawaiian teen judoka/wrestler going for gold

by: Kimberlee Bassford

38,839 Fundraising trailer for the documentary in production, THE ANIMATED ADVENTURES OF JUDO GIRL, directed by Kimberlee Bassford and produced by Making Waves Films LLC. Director of Photography: Henry Mochida. Animation: Hawaii Animation Studios. Music courtesy of MusicBox. Funding: Pacific Islanders in Communications. Film synopsis: Teshya Alo is 14 years old and about a hundred pounds. But on the judo and wrestling mats, she throws down women twice her age and pounds heavier. And she beats boys. Now, she has her sights set on a judo world championship and eventually the Olympics. But it won't be easy. Her raw talent provokes jealousy. Her training strains her family's resources. She's a student at a select private school in Hawaii. And she's going through puberty. THE ANIMATED ADVENTURES OF JUDO GIRL is the story of this teen phenom whose soaring athletic ambitions and winsome personality make her an impressive--and at times threatening--force. The feature documentary mixes verité footage of real life Teshya with animated sequences of her alter ego Judo Girl, an animated character who knows how to outsmart and outplay her opponents, both on and off the mat. Part superhero saga, part athletic journey and part coming of age tale, the film introduces the world to an elite athlete striving for gold and a mixed-race Polynesian girl just discovering the joys and challenges of life. If you like the video, please connect with us on Facebook ( and follow our journey making the film. You can also support our project by contributing to our IndieGoGo campaign (, which will help us create an interactive website to empower girls.
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