Crows Zero クローズ EXPLODE - Bloody High School Rumble

by: Emc Monkeys
The Crows クローズ EXPLODE into a Bloody High School Rumble. Suzuran High School vs Housen Academy who will win this fight? Subscribe! Support us on PATREON! Crows クローズ EXPLODE - Bloody High School Rumble style Ever wonder what the MOnkeys were like during high school?! If you're a fan of the original Crows Zero movies or manga, then you'll love this video. Blood, violence, and cute girls, what more could you ask for? Behind the Scenes: Fight Choreography by: Xin Wuku Malay Kim Music by: Sal Perales Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: If you like the dope music, check out Sal Perales for all your music & sound needs!
2012/01/01 18:49:55   00:06
English   suzuran, bloody, violent, emc, monkeys

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