CHEATERS UNCENSORED: Shameless Indiscretions Uncensored

by: americantvd
Now let's fight! CHEATERS: Shameless Indiscretions Uncensored! Our first case follows a couple who have already divorced once... and seem dead-set on divorcing again! Can their relationship stand another assault on its meager base of trust? If flying fists = successful relationship, then the answer is YES! Our second case pits a trusting older man against his younger, less-trustworthy houseguest. Michael thought he was doing the right thing giving his young friend a place to stay. Too bad the snot-nosed punk took his girlfriend as well. Now who's going to pay rent? Join Cheaters UNCENSORED and we see what REALLY goes on behind closed doors in Cheaters: Shameless Indiscretions Uncensored! Cheaters like it was meant to be seen! Totally UNCENSORED and UNCUT, no more blurs or bleeps! Only on Events iNDemand Pay-Per-View! Rated TV-MA, CHEATERS UNCENSORED is for mature audiences only!
2008/05/05 19:10:01   00:32
English   cheaters, uncensored, nudity, reality-tv

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