How to Get into a Fantastic Rubber Neck Entry Latex Catsuit

by: Suzan Zibar
Hello, This was the first time I'd ever worn a catsuit, so I thought I'd film the process. The full movie is resident at my online journal - Fantastic Rubber can be found at I have been asked so many times whether or not they are easy to get into, and I think you can tell from here, even though I had no experience at the time, it wasn't that tricky at all. I use Pjur Cult personal lube and Pjur Cult extra shine for finishing shine after the suit is on. Avoid all products that contain oil as it breaks down the latex. So does glycerine. Silicone oil, Pjur or vivishine are products well used and recommended by the Latex Community. Buying in bulk, if you wear your latex as often as I do is a better way of dealing with the high cost of small amounts from sex shops, otherwise. I only got a lead today for bulk silicone oil. Some people use Armour-All. Personally I wouldn't put something that is for car interiors and tyres onto my latex wear, but for some it's totally acceptable. This stuff is EXPENSIVE with a 50 storey high capital E. If you look after it right, and the latex sheeting is of a good quality (varies a lot. Sex shops sell crap no matter how you look at it - well here anyway - the cheapest of the cheap) your latex wear should last you for years and years. I just won't risk it and besides, Armour-All smells like butt. Avoid anybody who tells you to use oil. They are stupid. Oil eats latex. The shine is not from oil based products, it comes from correct handling and using the right products. Hopefully this helps enough for those wary of the neck entry catsuits I wear to go ahead and give Fantastic Rubber's suits a try. Absolutely fabulous things! They do have a crotch to butt two way zipper and a fabulous design so that nothing gets caught up in the zip when you're doing it back up again. To make the best comparison, a zip entry catsuit is in my very near future. Do enjoy Suzan x
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