Detective Conan Episode 129 Masami's Death [Fandub]

by: ElixerOfAlchemists

My second fandub. this time with my current obsession Detective Conan. Thank god WMM didn't screw it up to much like the last fandub i did...o.o Please ignore the subtitles. I like the name Shinchi Kudo but i like Jimmy Kudo better strangely. don't ask why, maybe its because i've been to used to the english dub version xD ----- EDIT -------- I now like Shinichi's name better than 'Jimmy's'; and I have come to realize how much better Detective Conan is to Case Closed. ----------- This scene literaly brought me to tears, i loved the emotion brought from this scene. let's just hope that i didn't ruin it for whoever views this video xD Copyright: I do not own Detective conan or Case closed or the music. I just own my voice in the making of this fandub.
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