Cinderella - Fairy Tales for Children

by: Rajshri Kids

Cinderella - Fairy Tales for Children. Watch Fairy Tales - Cinderella - Cartoon stories for kids. Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella. She had a cruel step mother and two ugly step sisters who were very unkind to her and made her do all the hard work.One day a special invitation arrived at Cinderella's house. It was from the royal palace. The king's only son was a truly handsome prince and was going to have a grand ball. All the girls were invited to the ball. Cinderella knew she wouldn't be allowed to go to the ball. She wished to go but knew her sisters and her mother wont let her. The next moment, standing beside her was a lovely old lady with a silver wand in here hand. Will Cinderella be able to go for the ball? Will the Prince fall for the beautiful Cinderella? Watch more to take your child to the wonderful world of Fairy Tales. Other Fairy Tales and Moral Stories: The Little Mermaid - The Hare And The Tortoise - Puss In Boots - Ricky Of The Clump - Subscribe to this channel and stay tuned: Regular Facebook Updates: Join Us on g+
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