download ojamajo doremi season 1,2,3,naisho (side story) and season 4 episodes. (english subs)

by: doremifan777
Download links - season 1 (ojamajo doremi) - season 2 (ojamajo doremi Sharp) - ojamajo doremi sharp movie - season 3 ( motto! ojamajo doremi) - motto ojamajo doremi movie - ojamajo doremi naisho (side story) - season 4 (ojamajo doremi dokkan!) episodes - doremi magical doremi english dub season 1 - Read magical fami - ojamajo doremi music collection - HOW TO DOWNLOAD : 1. first download utorrent: utorrent - 2. then download the torrents of season,movie,episodes etc. 3. open the torrents to download enjoy:) 4.if you want to download per episodes from season 1,2,3 and naisho (side story) open the utorrent,select torrent then click on files (left side on info) then mark all (ctrl a to mark all) unmark files do you want to download (prees ctrl and click the file to unmark) then right click on marked files and click DON'T DOWNLOAD then you can download marked episodes. sorry for my bad english...... don't forget to comment.
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English   oamajo, doremi, sharp, movie, ending

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