this video will turn you into a woman by following and reading the discrption. part 3

by: zero00100100
new video @ start from first uploaded for 2 weeks and go to the next in increments and repeat the patteren 3 times link to part 1 of series link to part 2 of series link to part 3 of series link to part 4 of series link to part 5 of series WARNING!!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! DO NOT MIX THIS PROGRAM WITH OTHER PROGRAMS OF SAME DESIGN AT THE SAME TIME FOR YOUR MIND MAY SNAP ONLY ONE KNOWLEDGE AT A TIME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES INDUCED BY THIS OR ANY OTHER OF MY VIDEOS ALL FOR THE BETTERMENT OF SOCIETY. IF YOU DO NOT READ AND HEAD ALL WARNINGS JUST REMEMBER IT IS YOUR MIND YOU ARE PLAYING WITH SO BE FOREWARNED. Warning: Read all of description before viewing. Warning: If you are not sure that you want this to happen turn back now. Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery with this file Warning: I do not suggest anyone younger than 18 watch this and do not take responsibility if someone under that age watches this video as for i am not joking about this video i did warn you. Effects: Mental feminization Physical feminization Video is induction and feminization (is needed can be used as a trance inducer by watching the middle of the screen and just focus on the mouse,) Audio portion will bring about total change Overall confidence boost suggested use: Listen while you are asleep. When you wake up and go to sleep you should watch the video Every morning upon wake before anything else is done watch the video for full effect Watching the mouse is a important step in the begging to help you get into trance watch the center of the screen but focus on the mouse.. Final Warning: After you watch this 2 months there may be no turning back from mental changes and for physical changes you may have to watch for 1-5 plus months depending on your body chemistry but should start seeing changes shortly after the first month. As well I will not be doing a reversal video as I did give enough warning. disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any part of the video only the compilation. I am in no way affiliated with the contents of this video. The contents of this video are from many sources and are used in this video for educational purposes only. I do not claim ownership of any part of the video only the compilation and the method of how and anyway this compilation works. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Not meant to prevent or cure any medical conditions for that i do suggest consult a doctor for they should see any change in hormone levels if you notice you body aches and you feel like you are going through a second puberty and when your body starts changing but do research in mind body medicine and learn alternative medicines its not only good to know for you but your family members and friends too and don't forget that any food you get pre-maid you can make yourself just focus on that remember its one spread umongst the people to get thoughts spread to start a contentious shift in the way our world thinks note how i didn't say country. I would not mind this videos compilation methods being used to teach people in a new way for this really works if it is dissected and understood how every part works together as long as it is educational and can teach the world a skill or help someone free of charge with the method other wise if you charge and I find out i will charge for the method of this video and this video is in alot of places but under different names loaded from different locations. Any thing you have you can fix yourself think if one human can do it so can I its all about the I in WILL. Note that the best way to learn is by the method in which i told to watch this video and learn stuff one thing at a time but it can be all about that thing like for example engineering and learn all about it in 2 weeks by this method just remember that a computer os storage method is quite effective and believe that saying at this point that the human brain can run more efficiently like so. Note this is still a feminization video none the less. Category Education License Standard YouTube License
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