Shelter (Trevor Wright & Brad Rowe) - Gay Movie Review

by: gadgetfreak84
My take on the new gay-themed movie, Shelter (from Here! Networks); written & directed by Jonah Markowitz and starring Trevor Wright (Zach), Brad Rowe (Shaun), and Tina Holmes (Jeanne). Shelter's producer described it as the "Anti-Brokeback" Mountain and I'd have to agree. The movie defies most of the gay stereotypes and clichés in cinema, by presenting the audience with two guys who don't speak with a lisp, aren't flamboyant or slutty, and who actually enjoy sports (surfing). They just happen to be gay. Most importantly, Shelter has a happy ending! Synopsis: Zach has been putting his own life on hold for years. Because his sister Jeanne is mentally unstable, an alcoholic with a knack for making bad life choices, he ends up as a father-figure to her young son, Cody. When he begins to realize his feelings for his best friend's older brother, Shaun (a childhood mentor, of sorts, to him), he has to make a tough decision: family or love? Or both? Further, how will he come out to Jeanne, Gabe, and his ex-girlfriend Tori? Note/Spoiler Alert: I tried to keep actual story details to a minimum, but I may have inadvertently revealed a spoiler or two in my review. Consider yourself warned. ;-) Watch the official theatrical trailer for Shelter here:
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