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Ave Maria - Video - Pianist and singer melt the Veterans' hearts. | Best Wishes in 2015! An inspirational rendition of Ave Maria Song | This video was my old agt youtube audition 4 the producers/casting people while I was under consideration. Since I am not moving on, I figured I would try for next season of Americas got talent 2015...... Pianist and Singer Melt the Peoples' Hearts | Ave Maria Inspires Veterans | Best wishes ======================================= (Ave Maria Caccini) Full Performance / YouTube Online Featured Video Audition╭♥╯Live Music - voice home video Submission (this week) Americas Got Talent and There are no rules about auditioning more than once as long as it's not the same day.Each season you must re-submit your video to be considered for the show.💗 This is very beautiful 'Ave Maria' simple melody composed by.Caccini a sixteenth-century Italian composer a gifted singer. Performance for a veteran (a special request for us to sing Ave Maria 4 Him.) Most Beautiful public domain religious music Ave Maria's and especially this arrangement by a wonderful pianist Tatyana Heis.💕 Vita Taylor Love You All! Thank you to everyone who has given me such great support and I am so thankful for all words of support and encouragement. Love to sing and is incredibly happy to be able to share my gift with the world with a wonderfull chill out music . My most emotional, touchy performance at veterans hospital - Video for America's Got Talent (I am singing live) Home videos Full ONLINE SUBMISSION VIDEO AUDITION of my singing for America's Got Talent Season auditions FOR A CHANCE OPPORTUNITY TO BE ON AMERICA'S GOT TALENT live. I am so excited about this great opportunity! New Season, official video submission Audition for America's Got Talent, Sending a video of your performance is a great way if you cannot make it to audition in person, your submission will count as your official audition for the show. Submitted videos have to be only straightforward, un-edited performance that shows your personality and talent, One of the best ways is to post your video act online YouTube, than submit the link to AGT official website (America's Got Talent AGT or Got Talent) is an American reality TV television series on the NBC television and part of the British Got Talent is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and performers of all ages competing for the top. AGT for Season. Show is a popular one for television in the United States and the United Kingdom. America's Got Talent new a season, Britain's Got Talent (BGT or Got Talent) is a British television talent show competition Got Talent series. Anyone of age with some sort of talent can audition for the show. ★☆♥☆★ I would accept an invitation to Britain's Got Talent 2015 and America's Got Talent, X Factor, The Voice USA and Ellen,Talent! . ★ Thank you for given the opportunity to apply by uploading a video audition to the Internet. Beautiful music of Ave Maria Songs like Schubert's Ave Maria, Bach/Gounod Ave Maria, Caccini Ave Maria has become a fixture at wedding masses, funerals and quinceañeras. There are many different instrumental arrangements including for violin and guitar, string quartet, piano solo, cello, and even trombones. Performers, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Anna Moffo, José Carreras, Andre Rieu, Bobby McFerrin, as well as choirs have recorded it hundreds of times during the twentieth century. Jackie Evancho sang unique, expressive and exciting performance of ave maria on AGT Finals. It's also in Hayley Westenra's album, very beautiful. religious music Ave Maria that will stun You and will bring you to tears. Sing a song. Make it simple, to last your whole life long... Don't worry that it's not good enough, for anyone else to hear. Just sing. Sing a Song from Heart. ★ For those of you who think I am lip synching in my video , so I wanted to share this full video performance where I am singing this song live!!! All my performances straightforward and un-edited that shows my real voice, personality & talent. I am here to be me and share love of music and not to be something I am not. Thanks for listening! Love & Blessings for All of You!
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