Special Post- Du er ikke alene You Are Not Alone- Short version A Masterpiece by Lasse Nielsen

by: TruthJunkieMikael
This is one of the most truely ground breaking works of art that deals with coming of age and gay youth experiences. Few films in the history of the motion picture have meant as much, to an entire people, as this one has to LGBTP culture. Lasse Nielsen's recent come back to the motion picture community has been applauded by many of us, that grew up, as gay youth, with this film. In my time, a vision of hope and a sign that there were indeed people like myself in the world... indeed, that I was not alone. PLEASE sub my personal channel http://www.youtube.com/TruthJunkieMikael for my highly acclaimed and very popular original series The All Mixed Up Symphony Of Images as well as my favorite clips trailers and my own vlogs and reviews. This channel is a proud member of the TruthJunkieMikael network of channels. Devoted to promoting peace and changing hearts and minds through art and literature... Inside, we are all the same... My other Youtube channels http://www.youtube.com/TruthJunkieMikael http://www.youtube.com/MikeLesMiserables http://www.youtube.com/russiankino024420 http://www.youtube.com/CinemaNuovo321 http://www.youtube.com/Bergman420Philosophy http://www.youtube.com/EuroCinematograph http://www.youtube.com/CinemaAsia420 http://www.youtube.com/FranceCinemagraph http://www.youtube.com/420musicfan024 http://www.youtube.com/AllMixedUpMusikFane
2011/10/17 07:54:51   03:17
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