George Frederick Mckay, "Christmas Morning" for Flute Quartet, クリスマスモーニング

by: flutekyo1413
Flute ensemble "FiT one " had the performance of the new challenge for American modern flute ensemble music. The tune titled "Christmas Morning" composed by George Frederick Mckay consist of 5 sound sketches. May 9th, 2011, Hasama Kominkan' room 1st :Yasuo T., 2nd :Erica I., 3rd :Hiroyoshi.F., 4th :Kei I.. After four years, we have a live performance of the same work.
2011/05/09 08:40:20   13:21
English   flute, flute ensemble, flute choir, woodwind choir, Flute Ensemble Fit one+

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